Tuesday, April 22, 2014

70 Million

My group, Chayah, Morgan, and I, choose re-create the picture 'Cindy,' by Robert Longo. It is considered a piece from the Post-modern era, even though the pieces were completed in the 80's.  Post-modernism was a revival of the more classical style with elements of the modern world added in that came after the art period Modernism.  Pieces after the 1950's can be labeled as Post-modern, but the overall concept of Post-modernism is one of the most abstract that I have ever come across.  It is a style that spans architecture and novels, as well as art.
       My group decided to re-create the fist picture in this blog, and then decided, on a whim, to switch to the second position while filming. Both pieces are called 'Cindy,' and they are both from the 'Men in the Cities' series.  Morgan was the model for the re-creation, I was the researcher, and Chayah aided in the filming and coaching Morgan on the lyrics of the video.
       If I were to do this art piece again, I would probably play the music while filming, so the person being filmed would be able to actually lip-sync along with the song, instead of merely listening to the music in their head and singing along to what they think they hear.  That might help things quite a bit.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Illustration Friday

Coloring Page Monster

I do not have the finished projected, because the app was messing up, but this is my original coloring-page monster.  We had to color it in and shade it using layers, which I had used before, but I found helpful once more.  In the first layer I colored the monster all one basic color, just going over it all without variation in tone or shade.  In the second layer, I shaded it partially.  I didn't get enough time to finish, because I take forever to do anything, so it is only partially and sloppily shaded.
    One thing I did not like about this particular app is that it did not have the shading tool I wanted. It had every shading tool under the sun, in all sorts of wacko patterns and pencil strokes, but it didn't have the smooth, partially transparent shading tool that I had envisioned.  Maybe such a thing did exist and I missed it because there were so many little icons, but that was one thing I did not like about the application.  
    Other tools were good for the base, though.  Instead of using plain elephant eyes as I did on my coloring page, I took a big splotchy tool and put huge black circles where they eyes would be, then I did a thin layer of red dots at the center of that, giving this elephant-frogish-reindeer creature a truly demonic look.  It was by far the most enjoyable Fun Friday activity that we've done.