Sunday, September 21, 2014



Composition Sketch 1
Composition Sketch 2

 I Create Original Art:
I used pictures I found on Pinterest and pictures I took myself, but I blended them all together until they created something different.  I also used sort of a secene from my imagination:  Originally, I wanted to create a city made of light, using shading with colored pencil, but that proved too difficult to conceptualize in three days, so I decided to create a city where anything was possible. Where fantasy and realism collided.  This was the city I tried to create, with human-sized doors on the same house as a mouse-sized door, and a grand marble building perched atop a crude stone one.  Anam said that my shading made it look like the light was coming from a streetlight, and it was midnight, so that's why I decided to title it "Cities At Midnight."
Composition Sketch 3


I Developed My Art-Making Skills:
I worked on my shading skills, which I always enjoy.  Especially around circular objects, like pillars. I usually don't work with pillars, preferring sharp corners.  I also worked on my two-point perspective, which I don't really know if it was two-point perspective or not, because every time I drew something, it seemed it went off somewhere else, but it was in perspective.  I could tell it was.  So, I think I pushed my understanding of perspective and what it means to draw relevant to other structures.

Pre-Composition Sketch 2
Final Composition Sketch
Pre-Composition Sketch 1

I Communicate Through My Work:
I am very interested in fantasy.  I think that this piece was, in part, inspired by something I'm writing right now.  It's an environment for my characters to exist in. Also, I hope this piece shows my love for cities.  If I could, I would draw a Times Square in its full glory, with people and taxis and lights, and then add my own mythical element to it, but I don't think I'm talented enough to accomplish that. This is my imaginary city for now, then, with just enough things wrong to make you think that maybe this isn't the right place after all.  

The final thing.  But, I rolled it up, so  a ruler was needed as a paperweight.

The final product, albeit a little . . . sideways.