Monday, August 31, 2015


So, this was my original styrogami piece that I took a picture of in the black photo box.  The original concept of mine was more of a space-gun, because I thought that was a pretty cool idea.  To have something that was maybe practical, or looked practical.  But, I couldn't think of a design of a space gun that would look cool with things sticking out of it.  I couldn't remove myself from the immediate project that much. Because, though, we had to come up with a sculpture that would influence the negative space around it, I started thinking about light.
    If negative space is the space where nothing is, a sort of homogenized area, then technically, in my mind, light would count as something that counteracts that space. And I've always been interested in drawing light, or working with it in general. It's a very interesting medium because it's just there, and you're the one who has to work around it.  So I decided to make a projector.
   I was sort of running out of time at this point in the class, so I made some mistakes.  I glued my tissue paper to the wrong cup?  That was pretty disappointing when I figured it out.  So, this doesn't shoot out light how I wanted it to.  It is still pretty cool looking anyways.

So, this is what it looks like looking down on the projector dealie.  The tissue paper is a pale pink that didn't show up with my phone camera.  I put one phone flashlight under the base, and then the light was projected through the top. The rose is on an angle, though, because I cut the connection at a weird angle when I still thought I was doing a space gun.

This was the effect it had on my room.  Because I accidentally used the top as the base, the rings of light get projected funny and for some reason the rose doesn't show up on the ceiling (I think it might be the tissue paper), but it's still a pretty cool concept that I'd like to improve upon in the future.