Summer Projects

1. Self-Portrait
        I did this piece in gouache, but I didn't know how to use it, so it doesn't look all that great. Also, the paper was as big as my torso, and I think that can be used as reasonable justification for why the eyes are so disproportionately small.  I think the color scheme is very nice, though, and I think that I chose good colors. If I were go to back and re-do it, obviously I would draw the face out better, and make some better color choices around the eyes.
      I would also add more texture and color in the hair, now that I know how to use gouache. But I think that my shading was very nice,  and I think the teeth came out great.  The more I look at it, the more the eyes and hair annoy me, so I can't think of anything else good to say.

2. Interior Spaces
       I really loved doing contour drawings last  year, so I chose that my interior space project would be a contour pen-and-ink drawing, and I think it came out very nice.  It was not the best of my summer projects, mainly because I could have put more effort into it, but I did to several trial runs.  I really like the perspective on this, how you can see my feet and my hands as well as the rest of my foyer.
     I can't decide if I like the crookedness of the spindles or not.  That mostly happened because of my drawing position, which is exactly how it was portrayed.  My knees sort of made everything all weird looking. But I really like the angle of this, and the composition. I like how it's in black and white, and I really like the simplicity of it.  I understand where I am, when I look at it, even though it's an irregular space.  I think that this project was successful.

3. Family Footwear
         This was my first piece with gouache, and I think that It came out very well, especially the two shoes in the middle. I dislike that I went with black for my dad's shoes, but I didn't realize how overpowering it would be.  I also dislike that I didn't make the lines on the molding in the back crisp.  Everything looks too soft and fuzzy. If I were to do this piece again, I would choose a different shoe of my dad's to paint.
       While painting this, I didn't like how much brown was depicted. I also had a problem doing the shadows, as you can see by the lack of shadows in the very back. For the first time using this medium, I think that I did fairly well. I obviously could have done better, but I like the outcome. Especially my brother's shoe and my mom's pair of shoes.
       Actually, my brother only has one shoe in the photo, because I asked my mom how I should arrange the shoes to accurately represent the personality of each family member, and my mom said that my brother's other shoe would be on the other side of the house.

4. Collage
       I love this picture! I know it's not technically 2-D but I can cut the clouds off if I need to.  I really liked making this because it had so many different media.  There are old calendars from the natural Museum of History in the back, and a Publix circular.  I have two different sorts of cloth, in the cloud and the cape. The knight and the horse are two different pictures I cut out separately and put together. And then there's paint and chalk pastel.
    I really like how this picture tells a story. I feel that the story's about a saintly knight on some sort of crusade, and I think it's the most creative of all of my summer projects.  It has the same whimsical feeling that my interior space from class has, more fanciful than realistic, and I think that stylistically that speaks to me more.
         I think that a couple of inches could be taken off the bottom , and an inch off the top, to improve the composition, but otherwise I am happy with how this turned out.

5. Mini-Concentration
      For my mini-concentration, I chose to do musical instruments and their surroundings in charcoal.  These are both relatively small pieces, but I spent the most time on them, and I think they came out by far the best.

  • Guitar 
            This is my brother's guitar, in his room.  Obviously, this was one of my favorite because of the medium.  I also really liked the little details and the shadows.  I think that the blanket on the bottom really pulled the piece together, and the shadows against the wall and the dresser. There were some areas that I didn't articulate as well as I could have, like the pulled out drawer in the upper left.  I could have added more shadows to the back wall behind the trophies and stuff that are on top of the dresser, and I could have also added better detail to the hallway outside the door. I like this project, a lot, though, and think that the composition makes up for the mechanical failings. 
  • Drums

       I also really liked drawing this one. I didn't think that It was going to turn out well at all, and was having a lot of trouble articulating the drums from the background, but I think that the highlights really made the picture a lot better. Also, a little shading went a lot way in this picture, evidenced by the shading around the circumference of the bass drum.  I am proudest of this drawing, and I hope that the rest of my work this semester can hold up to this standard. 


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