Monday, September 19, 2016

Oil: Apples!

I loved painting these so much!  It was a lot of fun to play with the shadows and lights, and I loved how the paints blended together so smoothly.
    In the apple I did by traditional methods--paintbrush--the colors blended together wonderfully.  I had a couple panic attacks as I worked, freaking out that I had added too much paint of the wrong color, or too many highlights, or highlights that were too weird, but I think it came together very nicely, and I am happy that I have it.
    I absolutely hated doing the palette knife painting while I was doing it.  I wiped my pink covered palette knife on the leaf, actually, because I was just done with the whole thing. I couldn't control the knife, and I felt like I was using too much paint and wasn't staying within the lines, but once I gave up worrying about that, it was really enjoyable.  And when I took a step back to look at the finished product, I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had painted such a beautiful thing.

This was done with a paintbrush!
This was done with  a palette knife 

Reflection: Final project

I dislike this picture so much.  a) I hate prisma colors. Either that, or I don't really understand what I'm doing with them.  b) I dislike how I drew this picture.  Let's get started.
This was my reference picture.

In progress photo, day 1

In progress photo, day 2

In progress photo, day 3

Final product

I tried very hard to layer my colors and build up the prismas, but I don't think that I was too successful at it, which is a big problem with this piece.  I also think that I didn't do too well at choosing my colors for the color scheme.  I think I chose fairly dully colors and a fairly dull background to work on, which didn't do anything to exhibit how saturated the prisma colors can be.  I also feel that while my piece came from an interesting idea, the composition was lackluster and unappealing.
      The thought behind this piece, how this artwork is a reflection of me, is that I love to write.  The original picture is of me, writing in my journal, with the words of my journal reflected in my bracelet. I have a couple thick, band-bracelets that I wear fairly commonly, and so that was another insight into  me and my life.
     To improve this piece, I think that I would improve my prismacolor technique, change the colors that I used, and try to go a lot slower.  That is a reoccurring problem from me that everyone is probably sick of hearing about, I know, but I am very anxious to finish things when I really should be slowing down and concentrating on the minutia of my piece.