Sunday, December 13, 2015


Ha.  Ha.

So, what challenges did I overcome during the creation of this piece?  Pretty much everything.  I felt like I went crying for help pretty much every day.  The lips, how to make the head, the eyes, how to make it, how to do it, hair, ears, everything.  But I did it!  With lots of help and it even looks half decent and I am really proud of myself and I carried his head all through school on Friday stroking his hair which, is really creepy, because he's just a head, but I've stared at this thing too long to recognize that, so . . .
    I would change a lot in the future.  Like, the back of his head is just whack.  And the left side of his mouth -- just the skin next to it.  It just makes his face look puffy in a way that it shouldn't.  And . . . His left eye.  I messed that up pretty bad, but I got really fed up with it, as I do with most art projects, and I thought it would look good enough, but I regret that now.
   I would really like to do another sculpture like this (if I take sculpture 2 will you just let me do a lot of heads?) because I think that I just need practice to get it better.

And to make your life even better, here are 18 unnecessary pictures of Cecil's head!
(Character owned by Joseph Fink and Jeremy Cranor.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tray and Cup/Bowl

I didn't get the chance to do a  tray, because my life has become the never ending project of Cecil Gerschwin's face.  But, I did do a cup!  It's still in the glaze kiln, and it's going to be a Christmas project for my dad.
  I guess, that it was just a normal project for me? I've made a lot of quick little cups since we first learned how.  And I tried to texture it by using a wet paintbrush against the clay, and then pressing coffee ground burn-outs into it, but that didn't work out so well, so I just glazed it all over.  And no, I didn't use underglaze.
    I guess I didn't expect much from the project, because it was something that I'd done previously, but I hope that it turns out well.

It did turn out well!
I could have painted it better, but maybe that's just the glaze. Let's just say that's the glaze.


This is what it looks like looking up into the structure.
Where one would hypothetically stick a candle.

I don't know if you can really count this as a successful project. I mean, it came out how I wanted it to come out, but at the same time I never really liked it?  It's fine, I guess.  It was very annoying getting the wire to do what I wanted, and that required a lot of innovation and time and tape.  But, after that, everything else went together pretty smoothy.
   It was just an irritating project.  The building would fall over, and then I didn't bend the wire right so it's sort of constricted in the middle, and the wire kept slipping down and would only stay after I hot glued the paper on. Also, there are slits between the paper and the wire, and I don't know if I like that?  Because there's supposed to be a light source in the middle, and I didn't originally want light leaking out.  I just wanted it to shine through the paper.
    In the future, I guess I would just have a better idea.  Or, at least, plan out my idea better, and make sure it's more architecturally sound.