Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Concentration: The World

The World card symbolizes integrity and accomplishment. It is the end of the cycle, the twenty first card in the deck, and is a completion of sorts.  The woman I portray in this card is Ty, who has a lot of life full of great things ahead of her, and is not finished in any sense of the world, has achieved great things. She is extraordinarily brave and is a very honest person. She chose this card for herself, and I am happy that she did so.
    I rushed this piece, and I think that is why it is such poor quality.  Mostly, I am upset over my choice of paper, which was teal, and so every yellow that I put down turned green. I spent so much time on that when I should have been spending time on my figure, but I didn't feel like I could change my paper because I had already invested so much time into it, and I had 2 weeks until everything needed to be in and three pieces to go. Basically, it was a bad feedback loop that kept getting worse.
    I really messed up on her skin tone, and her face. Because the paper was so small, I didn't have enough room to work with, and her face doesn't really look like Ty. The skin color looks a little better in real life, but I wish it was smoother and better shaded.
    The things I wish I could change about this picture would be, I wish I had taken more time and used a different, bigger piece of paper.

Day 2

Day 1

Day 4

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