Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Concentration: The Hierophant

This card would have been better if I'd been able to do it reversed. The Hierophant, placed normally, speaks to someone who operated within the bounds of society, while reversed it means someone who is struggling against society. The person in this card has a very strong opinion on the ills of society, and how they can be changed.  He is endeavoring to change society, without stepping outside of its bounds, almost like a covert agent. The crown of oak leaves he has symbolizes wisdom, or, at the very least, knowledge.

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So, as you can see here, this picture represents the tragic story of me drawing it right, and then just hardly messing it up so, so badly. I mean, maybe drawing it right isn't even right, because look at his neck. I know he has a long neck, but it's not that long.  Also, I messed up pretty badly on his smile, just because I'm not that good with smiles. 
I mean, the painting didn't come out horribly. The Empress was a whole lot worse, so I feel like this shows how I grew over my use of different mediums, again. And I'm really proud of the trees and the clouds in the background. Like, they are just beautiful. Amazing, if I do say so myself. And I think that going back in and fixing his face did change things a little.  It made him look less awful. Also, there's a consistency of skin tone, which my last acrylic didn't have, and the shading isn't that bad. It's a little more advanced.  
This is not the worst piece I've ever done. Is it the best? Highly debatable. But again, and think that it shows growth, which I can be proud of. Even if I did make my friend look like a giraffe. 

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