Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Concentration: The Lovers

Blogger decided to put the final image up here, so I guess I'll go with it. 

The Lovers symbolizes not only relationships, but dedication. Though the two pictured here are in a relationship, the card is at most about their dedication to one and other, as well as the things around them. The ivy that binds them together is also symbolic of that.
     This is, I think, the best watercolor piece that I've done all year. As I went through my concentration, I really wanted my work with all mediums to help me improve in all areas, and I think moving directly to a watercolor piece after oil and acrylic really helped with that. I used the paint as less like watercolor and more like oil, which gave it more vibrant colors. Also, I wasn't afraid to layer, which added nuance to other colors.  As usual, I could have sketched it out a bit better, but overall I'm pretty pleased with this piece.  In the first sketch, actually Merryn looked a bit like a serial killer, and that's why I took a picture of it. I honestly don't think this piece looks anything like its subjects, but I don't think it looks horrible in general. So.
First unfortunate sketch

Day 2: Looking a bit better!

Beginning to ink I guess? 

Inking finished!

Adding a base of color with watercolor pencils!
More basic colors with water and skin tones!
Day 4, probably
As you can see, I am much more comfortable with watercolor here, than I was even while doing the Star. There is no splotchy removal of me trying to pull water color off the paper, and though that did happen, you can't tell that it happened. I didn't rub someone's arm off.  There is texture in their hair, and shading in their clothes that doesn't look absolutely horrific. I'm not going to lie, I don't know what's going on with Sasha's arm there, but I guess. I take what I can get. Wow that looks super bad now. Okay, well, let's not focus on that. 
       I think that my shading and highlights worked really well here, as did my choice of color. My technique definitely improved, though it still has the same qualities of some of my earlier watercolors. I am very proud of this piece, overall. 

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